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Welcome to Curious&Brave. In the corporate world I helped to develop brands and ran large scale teams, most recently operating as a C-suite executive for a global energy supplier.

I now run Curious&Brave full time, having left my former career to pursue my passion for developing people instead. Today, I partner with individuals to improve their own emotional health, wellbeing, and enhance their leadership potential, with couples to improve the quality of their relationships, and with teams to help improve their performance.

Portrait photo of Katherine Walker, founder of Curious&Brave


I trained for six years at Europe's largest centre for transpersonal psychotherapy, and hold an MA in Transpersonal Counselling & Psychotherapy, as well as specialist qualifications in couples therapy, coaching and supervision. I am accredited by the UK Council for Counselling and Psychotherapy to support Psychotherapy, and with EMCC Global to underpin my coaching practice. 

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I am an integrative practitioner, operating within a transpersonal framework. The word 'integrative' is another way of saying I work with a broad range of issues, and have lots of different styles in my toolkit which I flex to suit the needs of each individual client. In simple terms, the transpersonal is an acknowledgment of a higher self within us all, that gets ignored or pushed aside because everyday struggles and difficulties get in the way.


So how do you access it? Working towards this means firstly working with your egoic structure to strengthen it - for example by improving your relationship with self. We seek to know what drives and motivates you and what holds you back, and work together to understand and better manage your psychological defences in order to improve your communication style, your reactions and responses, and ultimately the relationships you have with those around you. This is called working with the 'personal'. 


By working through this part of the personality, not bypassing it, we can then start to go beyond the personal (the literal translation of 'transpersonal'), to help you to work towards unlocking and therefore being able to fulfill your true potential. 


I work quite creatively, and in addition to straightforward coaching and ‘talking therapy’ we may work with your dreams, through creative expression such as art, or exploring your internal landscape through meditation and visualisation techniques. A combination of these techniques is usually used, over a sustained period of time, to help you achieve the lasting results you are looking for.

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