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In its most basic sense, a blended family or stepfamily forms when you and your partner make a life together with children from one or both of your previous relationships. Forming a blended family can be both a rewarding and challenging experience. Developing an understanding of the dynamics unique to your own blended family is essential to ensure you can all embrace its strengths and work through its differences.

Blended families are woven together by choice, strengthened by love, tested by everything,
and each are uniquely ours. –Unknown

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A step or blended family is not a new construct, they have been around and commonly found in our society for thousands of years. A step-family is also not a rare occurence - the latest statistics show that step-families make up between 10-15% of the population - and the facts show that these statistics are vastly under-reported because of great complexity gathering and reporting the data.

So, if they're not new, and they're not rare, why do we struggle with them so much? Why is the step-parent an often vilified character? This topic has fascinated me for over twenty years, and is one of the main reasons I decided to retrain in the first place, as well as the subject of my MA research.

Creating a successful new blended family unit takes time, as well as conscious and responsible effort and behaviours from all those that are a part of the family construct - including the step-parent, the biological parent(s), and the children if they are old enough to take responsibility for their own actions.

I wanted to create a space where those new to step-parenting could receive support and guidance, have a safe place to share and understand their lived experiences, learn some best practice tips and guidance, and better understand the influence and role they have to play within the family unit.

Please contact me if you are interested in working with me to help improve the health and dynamic of your blended family.

Conversations With Annalisa Barbieri Podcast Photo Cover


Recently I partnered with Annalisa Barbieri, author of the renowned Guardian column ‘Ask Annalisa Barbieri’, to talk about my special area of interest, blended families, as part of her podcast series.


Celebrating Blended Families In All Their Forms

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